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Digital Imaging Radiographs

Digital radiographs are the newest improvement in dental diagnostic imaging. Its primary advantage is less exposure to radiation by 70-80 % than the standard system. The picture appears in a few seconds on the screen, saving your valued time. Dental radiographs are one of the most important tools we use to detect any changes in your jaw bone and teeth. Such changes can be bone loss or tooth decay.

Intra-Oral Camera

We are using a camera designed into a pen size wand which allows us to show you the inside of your mouth. The images are captured into our computer unit and are shown on the screen. It helps us to see your existing restorations, tooth surfaces, cracks in your teeth, defective or broken fillings, bleeding, plaque, tartar build-up, and gingival condition. You will be able to see and understand your dental and oral health condition. It gives you a better understanding of your treatment needs.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas)


Available to help anxious or stressed patients relax during the treatment with no lingering effect.

We encourage our patients to bring their own headphones with their iPod or mp3 player.

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