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Hygiene Therapy

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Comprehensive Oral Examination


A comprehensive dental exam will be performed at your initial visit. This detailed exam consists of digital imaging x-rays, oral cancer screening exam, gum disease evaluation, and an evaluation of existing restorations. The presence of tooth decay will also be noted. The doctor will review your medical history, x-rays, and periodontal health status. Then Dr. Sweidan will discuss your treatment needs and options with you.


Oral Cancer Screening Exam


This exam will be performed at every dental check-up visit. It includes examining and palpating the external and internal oral soft and hard tissues such as the lips, gums, over and under the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and detecting any changes in color or texture, looking for any tender spots, lumps or bumps inside the tissues.


Periodontal Treatment (Deep Cleaning)


It is also called Scaling and Root Planning. A type of cleaning that removes plaque and calculus from the teeth at and slightly below the gum line. Root planning smoothes root surfaces, so the gum can better reattach to the root surface. Often, this will be done with local anesthesia, so you can relax and be pain-free as we rehabilitate your gums. At the end of the deep cleaning, we will demonstrate how to correctly brush and floss to maintain your teeth and gums healthy till your next periodontal maintenance appointment.

Local Antibiotics: ARESTIN is adjunctive treatments to scaling and root planning by applying antibiotic directly to the infected areas. It is usually delivered with a skinny plastic tip (needle-free syringe) to the deepest site of infection. An antibacterial rinse may also be prescribed to help eliminate the harmful bacteria.
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